Professional Painting

Port Denia painting projects are always the centre of our core business.

A superyacht painting project begins with the careful construction of an enclosed scaffolding structure which protects from the elements and guarantees the correct humidity, temperature and ventilation according to the strictest of manufacturer guidelines and processes. We use Awlgrip for all our projects, overseen by the Awlgrip quality control inspector who is present at the start of the project, after the 545 coat and then to complete the “final gloss average survey’, usually achieving a 92-96% Gloss. All superyacht painting work is carried out by our team of professionals with previous experience in Italian, German and Dutch shipyards. We believe in providing Captains and Owners with the most professional of services at the right price.


Port Denia Superyacht Shipyard is in south-east mainland Spain, 45 miles from Ibiza. We welcome superyachts from 31 - 138m LOA in our marina and can haul out up to 1200 tonnes in the shipyard